Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Victorian Wedding Reception Decorations: The Classic Birdcage

Your fiancé is the Heathcliff to your Catherine, the Mr. Rochester to your Jane and the Pip to your Estella. What better way could there be to celebrate your love story than with a wedding theme inspired by one of the most romantic periods in literary history--the Victorian age. There is something unmistakably elegant and refined about the Victorian period that is ideal for weddings, and you can capture the feel of this golden age in England's history with everything from personalized labels and wedding stickers to your bridal ensemble.

One of the most enduring symbols of romance from the Victorian period is the birdcage, and this simple object can easily become the center of a wedding theme. During Queen Victoria's reign, the birdcage played an important role in formal wedding ceremonies, as it held doves that were released after the bride and groom were presented to guests. Over time, the birdcage became synonymous with weddings, and today, it instantly brings to mind the refinement of the Victorian period.

To help you incorporate the lovely birdcage into your big day, we have put together a list of some of our favorite ideas for personalized wedding reception decorations and other special touches.

Setting the Theme
Your wedding stationery is the perfect opportunity for setting the theme for your wedding. Look for personalized embossed wedding stationery that features the birdcage symbol in colors that suit your tastes. Our Mini Birdcage Save the Date Magnets are a tasteful way to spread the word about your date in Victorian style and are available in eight stylish colors.

Whimsical Lighting
Birdcages can easily be transformed into personalized luminaries to use as Victorian wedding ceremony or wedding reception decorations. If you're handy with power tools, you can convert birdcages into hanging lanterns that run on electricity and bear soft incandescent bulbs. Even if you're not the crafty sort, you can easily create candle luminaries by placing some tall pillar candles inside of decorated birdcages. These are stunning when used as accent wedding reception decorations in key locations or as centerpieces on every table.

Caging the Cards
When placed on the gift table, a lovely birdcage makes the perfect card box. You can make your own out of a vintage-style birdcage or opt for a pre-made piece like our Birdcage Wedding Reception Card Holder. Fashioned out of white sculpted metal, the card box is lovely as is, but can also be decorated with ribbon, fresh flowers and other embellishments to suit your taste.

Just Desserts
Birdcage cakes and cupcakes can put the perfect sweet finishing touch onto the meal to complement your Victorian-inspired wedding reception decorations. Options range from layered cakes sculpted into the shape of the classic birdcage to cupcakes or cakes topped with exquisitely sculpted fondant birdcages. Don't forget to have some personalized cupcake favor boxes on-hand in case guests would prefer to enjoy their dessert at home.

Fond Farewells
Pastel teatime mints, votive candles in teacups and silver keys are all fitting favors for a Victorian wedding reception, and don't forget to make your personalized favor boxes match your theme. You can easily add an elegant finishing touch with our Personalized Birdcage Style Wedding Favor Labels. These personalized round labels are available in five different colors and will suit a wide array of personalized wedding favor boxes.

To complete your Victorian-themed wedding, try incorporating elements like English roses and delicate lace into your wedding reception decorations. Remember that above all, the Victorian period was a time of elegance and sophisticated glamor, so look for items that have a distinctive, civilized look to complete your day.

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