Monday, January 20, 2014

Thank You Gifts for your Wedding Party

When planning your wedding, there are so many decisions to make, from whether you'll have personalized wedding favor bags or personalized cookies to what type of gowns and accessories you and your attendants will wear. One thing that many brides fail to consider until the last minute is the type of gift to present your bridesmaids and groomsmen for being a party of your wedding party. After all, they have spent enormous amounts of time and money to celebrate alongside you. This is just a little token of thanks to show your appreciation.

Giving thank you gifts to the wedding party dates back decades. It is expected. Whether it is a modest token, or something extravagant, it truly is the thought and thoughtfulness that counts. Often, gifts are presented at the rehearsal dinner, though they may also be distributed in the days leading up to the wedding or, in case of parties hosted for you, gifted at the event. Are you having a destination wedding? If so, consider mailing the gifts to their homes BEFORE the wedding, so they don’t have to use valuable luggage space to cart them back. In addition to the requisite gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen, don’t forget about all the others -- usher, house party, guest book attendant, flower girl, ringbearer, bridal shower hostesses, engagement party hostesses. And of course you can’t forget Mom and Dad. By considering all of these in advance, you can eliminate stressful last minute shopping and even save money.

Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts and Groomsmen Gifts
Now that you have your list of recipients, what do you give? Personalized gifts go a long way in showing appreciation to those in your wedding party. It is more likely to be put to use than just tucked away in a drawer or worse yet, tossed out.

For bridesmaids the ubiquitous personalized cosmetic case with a sweet note or even a blinged out Hanky Panky thong tucked inside is always a hit. Jewelry to wear for the wedding, such as the popular Golden Thread necklace monogrammed with her initial, is both functional and sure to be treasured. Have your friends been in dozens of weddings already and have everything? What about a wooden cutting board with their monogram engraved and gorgeous iron handles to display in their kitchen. For a beach wedding, a monogrammed beach towel and tote is always a welcomed treat. Personalized flasks, koozies and decanters are popular for groomsmen. Expand upon this idea and consider cigars and a collection of personalized cigar matches with their name emblazoned upon the front. Custom drink coasters to use in their home presented with a bottle of fine scotch. Of course, our number one groomsman gift is the personalized cooler -- and who can’t use at least one more cooler!

In addition to gifts for the wedding party, couples should also give presents to those who assist in making the day special. If a friend or family member hosts a shower, engagement party or other celebration in honor of your wedding, you should come prepared with a gift to present to him or her. A popular gift for the ladies is monogrammed stationery. For the couples, personalized napkins or custom styrofoam cups are very popular. Items similar to personalized new home gifts or personalized housewarming gifts are also ideal for giving to hosts and hostesses.

It is also a very nice gesture to give a gift to anyone who is helping out before or on your wedding day. For example, if your professional photographer uncle is handling the pictures for free, you could present him with a personalized shaving kit or another special gift to show your appreciation. How you present your thank you gifts for your wedding is just as important as what you purchase. For example, you can make your personalized bridesmaid gifts extra special with custom gift wrapping paper that bears your names and matches the color scheme of your wedding. A handwritten thank you note should accompany the gift, preferably on your monogrammed stationery.

It’s the Thought that Counts
So take some time to make a list of whom you'll need to recognize on your big day. Above all, don't forget that it's really the thought that matters when it comes to thanking your wedding party. Personalized bridesmaid gifts under $25 can be just as meaningful as more expensive gifts if they come from the heart and are selected specifically with the recipient in mind.


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