Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Perfect Getaway

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A classic ceremony exit never goes out of style. Our Mr and Mrs German Glitter Glass Sign Banners make a memorable getaway; draped on your car to proclaim a celebration of a new life you two will embark upon. Everyone’s seen it at one time or another: sometimes a limousine, maybe a classic roadster, or even an ordinary American four-door, cruising down the highway with the words “Just Married” on the back. It’s a classic wedding image. You can do a lot more than the traditional scribbling on the back of the car. Decorating the getaway car can be a chance to get creative!

Naturally, the specifics of what you can do to decorate your romantic roadster depend slightly on style and the chosen vehicle by the bride and groom. Our glitter signs can fit any style! Put these dazzling letters on the back of your limousine or a classic car to add sophistication to your special occasion. Or use the signs on the back of a horse-drawn carriage to make a wedding getaway fit for a fairy tale.

In addition to our signs, there are other ways to dress up the getaway car. You can stick with the traditional tin cans dangling on the back of the car or tie shoes to the back bumper. In times past, leather was believed to ward off evil spirits, so old leather shoes were thought to keep the newlyweds safe. If shoes aren’t readily available, use old utensils, wrenches or tools that reflect both your personalities. Or keep it quiet, and stick with streamers or flowers. Whatever you end up using make sure it's attention grabbing and personal to your own vibe--it’ll be the last thing your guests see!

Photos (From top left): Paper and String + Cans, Mr and Mrs Banner, Couple on Car, Tire w/Just Married, Mustang w/pom poms, Couple on Vespa, Bentley w/pom poms, Couple Kissing w/Ribbons and Cans

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