Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vintage Elegance

A "roaring 20s" inspired wedding combines fun with vintage elegance; loads of sparkle and timeless antiques. Guests will feel as if they are being transported back to the age where diamonds, dancing, and glamour reigned supreme.

To make this wedding come to life you must include diamonds, feathers, and sparkle whenever possible. Diamonds (cubic zirconia) will be front and center in your wedding. You can include them in the classic places; a little sparkle in your jewelry or an elegant head piece. If you're feeling daring, consider having your cake lined in edible diamonds like the picture above. 

Here, at Gracious Bridal, we adore the thought of using our Glitz and Glam Knife and Cake Server during the "cutting the cake" ceremony! These diamond encrusted knife and cake servers would steal the show and last as a dazzling memory for years to come. How beautiful would those pictures turn out; the diamonds sparkling and two people happy and in love! 

Doing your research for a 1920s wedding is crucial! Making this event seem authentic and true to date will require you to learn a lot about the wedding customs and typical wedding decor used then. Your creative juices will be flowing when you realize the endless opportunities this wedding presents; antique cars, traditional wedding head pieces, pearls, feathers, diamonds, red lipstick, the works! Happy planning!

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