Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn Inspired

Autumn is finally upon us here in Texas, and we couldn’t be more exited! With greens changing to reds and yellows, the sound of leaves falling slowly, and stars shining brighter in the dark night sky, wedding inspiration is all around us!

There are plenty of ways to incorporate the feelings and images of autumn into your wedding. Echo the hues of autumn throughout your wedding ceremony and reception with colorful floral arrangements and details unique to your wedding. As the weather becomes increasingly cooler, sweaters for your bridesmaids in a variety of rich hues can be the perfect way to add the feeling of warmth to your wedding.

Incorporating these unique details throughout your wedding can make your day even more special.
 Elements of nature during this gorgeous season can provide all the inspiration you need. Think about adding various feathers to your wedding invitations to add a personal touch. Get creative with your place settings to make your wedding even more memorable! 

Lastly, bring the gorgeous warmth of the season to your guests through our Personalized Acrylic Fall Leaf Favor Boxes. Fill these take-home boxes with whatever favor your heart desires and have your guests raving about your autumn inspired wedding!

Enjoy this beautiful season and let the inspiration for the fall wedding come naturally!

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