Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quaint & Country

Down south country weddings are sweet, warm, quaint and welcoming. Whether you're wedding is taking place in the countryside or suburbia, stealing a few of these ideas can make your big day a country-filled day of love!

Southern weddings have all the fixings of a Sunday dinner at home. That means good food and lots of it! Consider all the options you have with a "Gourmet BBQ" menu. Don't worry you get the comfort food like mac and cheese, baby back ribs and biscuits but you add a curve ball here and there like cucumber salad and shrimp tempura and southern tea cakes. 

"Gourmet BBQ" means dessert too. You can include a picnic table filled with pies; blueberry, apple, peach, cherry, the works. Make sure you have three to five pie options with each prepared twice. Arrange them in a visually stunning way, using varying stands with different heights and textures. 

Since southern weddings play up the emphasis on food it seems only fitting to include our Personalized Strawberry Jam Favors. These come packaged to mirror old time jam jars fitting perfectly into the quaint and country decor. Of course they taste delicious and they can even be personalized with whatever you'd like! What more could you ask for from a tasty treat for your guests.

Family, friends, food, and love...This is what country weddings are all about! Enjoy the planning process ladies and good luck!

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