Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bottoms Up!

Most celebrations call for a delicious cocktail, your wedding is no different! Signature drinks are the best way for you and your guests to celebrate in unison with a "Bottoms Up!".

Your signature drink is a blend of you and your hubby's personal tastes. It can be sweet, strong, sour, or fruity, either way it is yours! A considerable amount of effort and planning goes into a reception, so drink choice should be no different.

To make your signature drink uniquely yours start with your favorite liquor. Then consider your color palette and try to match that by adding juices, dyes, fruits, and garnishes. From there think about what look your reception is going for; if it's a rustic affair try your drink in a mason jar, if it's a beach side wedding, opt for a larger glass topped with a flower. 

What works so well for any occasion is our Set of 4 Stemless Champagne Flutes. Placing your signature drink in a flute as classy as ours will delight your guests into toasting all night long! These are customized with your initials and look exquisite paired with fizzling champagne and a succulent strawberry garnish.

Reception food and drink choices allows you to pick and choose between an array of your favorites. However, things get a little pricey when including alcohol (a whopping $35 per person), so in choosing a signature drink be very specific! You can dress up cheaper liquor by pouring it into beautiful champagne flutes or country-esque jars! 

Happy planning ladies and best of luck from us here at Gracious Bridal!

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