Monday, June 25, 2012

Seven Day-of-Wedding Reminders for the Bride

Seven Day-of-Wedding Reminders for the Bride
by Brenda Cascio
  1.  Make time for immediate family in the morning - this is your last day together before being married.  We all jumped in bed with our bride and sang her “Today I met the Boy I’m Gonna Marry”  Enjoy the intimate family downtime reminiscing because it will be a whirlwind for the remainder of the day.
  2. Have someone in charge of bustling your dress - if possible, have them attend your last dress fitting so they will understand how to bustle -- does it snap or tie?  This is also the trusted friend or sister that will hold your dress when you have to go to the bathroom (tip -- keep the liquids to a minimum immediately before the wedding).  Bustle your dress immediately AFTER the post-ceremony photos and BEFORE mingling with guests.
  3. Visit all tables during dinner hour - Do it as a couple so you may introduce him to those relatives that have not yet met your groom.  A minute or two at each table.  No one expects long conversations with the bride and groom, they just want to say hello and tell you how gorgeous you look.  Have someone in charge of packing a meal for you both to eat later--you’ll be famished!  This will give you an opportunity to visit all those that are sharing in your special day.  It will also allow you to enjoy the remainder of the reception on the dance floor.
  4. Wedding Shoes - If you are staying in your dress for the entire reception, change into a pair of comfortable old shoes so you can enjoy the dancing and mingling without wincing in pain.  They will be hidden under your dress and the smile on your face is more important that the look of your shoes.  If you change into a short dress mid-reception, make sure your shoes are comfortable AND beautiful!  Remember, the photographer will capture many full-length photos so make sure that your shoes and your piggies are prettied up.
  5. Connect with your groom - It’s easy to get caught up in mingling with everyone else.  And there is always at least one relative that will monopolize your company.  Extricate yourself gracefully, and find your groom.  Share the magic with each other all evening.  Have a designated place to meet back up.  If “your song” is played, that is an excuse for each of you to stop mid-conversation with others and find each other on the dance floor.
  6. Take it all in - throughout the night, look around and see all the people that chose to come and celebrate this joyous, sacred event.  It’s humbling.  
  7. Let it all slide.  You’ve done the best you can, you’ve planned every detail.  Understand that some things just won’t get done.  They’ll forget to dim the lights or announce your grandparents anniversary.  It’s ok.  You are married to the love of your life - now go out there and have a FABULOUS time!


  1. Gallo says:

    It’s great that everything is moving forward. The pain is the problemw. I had necrotize faciitis. It’s 13the months now for me and I still have pain. It is not severe. I found the supports is big help. She is getting alot of it. Keep in touch.

    Keeping In Touch

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