Monday, June 18, 2012

A Seaside Romance

With summer temperatures soon to be scorching, destination weddings will become more and more popular with brides looking to say "I do" in the beautiful ocean breeze.  A wedding decor that says seaside romance is one filled with wood and straw embellishments, white flowers, and beautiful hand crafted touches.

You can still combat the summer heat even if you don't have the luxury of an ocean-side wedding.  At the ceremony, consider placing our Colorful Paper Handheld Fans on the seat of each chair. It's a beautiful design element and also will help your guests beat the heat.  You will notice the women using them during the reception and tucking them in their purse at the end of the evening for a wonderful memento.  

Following the ceremony, offer festive frozen drinks like a margarita or cosmo.  Serve water in beautiful dispensers with floating cucumbers and mint or lemons and limes for refreshing non-alcoholic treat. 

Timing is extremely important with outdoor weddings. No bride or groom wants their guests sweating during the ceremony or feeling faint in the heat of the day.  Shoot to have the nuptials begin in the late afternoon or early evening followed by a candlelit reception beginning at dusk.  For a night reception you will get a lot of bang for your buck with candlelight.  Nothing says romance more than flickering candles!  Have a little bit of extra money in your budget?  Then go for the WOW power by having lights strung over the dance floor.

Keeping a destination wedding light and airy puts great emphasis on the textures you include. Wooden accents like tables, vases, or even the guest book cover will keep the decor close to nature. Try pairing those accents with white orchids or other tropical flowers that can withstand the heat and complement one another. 

While destination weddings offer a whole different feel than a hometown wedding, you can make a bigger impression with just the location itself.  We hope to offer our brides good tips and loads of inspiration for your upcoming event!

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