Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Breezy & Breathtaking

Some brides take a traditional approach to decor and embellishments in their wedding receptions. Others choose to be more free flowing and feminine. This post is for those ladies who are drawn to a soft, breathtaking, and breezy reception!

These days brides are becoming less rigid in their decor and leaving things up to themselves for a DIY inspired wedding that screams effortless. To create this effortless feel brides can approach this in a variety of ways. One way is to make your own center pieces. Pictured above is an ombre inspired table number. This is done by gathering a clear glass vase, number stickers, and craft sand matching your color palette. The way you choose to layer the sand is entirely up to you, although having the darkest color where the numbers are to help them pop is a great idea! 

What makes a wedding breezy and breathtaking is they typically don't that it cost a lot yet they achieve your ideal look and feel of the reception. You can still have everything you deem as necessary for a perfect reception but the majority of it is done by hand and for a very low cost. You can choose to splurge on other areas like catering or venue without a worry that your decor won't pan out because you did each unique touch personally.

We offer a great DIY opportunity with our Custom Wedding Welcome Bag. These bags are traditionally used as an opportunity for the couple-to-be to make their out of town guests feel at home. However, in a DIY wedding this means another opportunity for you to add your own soft and sweet touch! Consider including hand written notes of where to eat while in town and other local activities. Also, by going to warehouse club stores to get treats and water bottles, you can buy in bulk saving you money and time.

Just remember, DIY weddings are on the rise. Take a look around for inspiration for your reception, visit craft stores and look through magazines to adopt ideas that can be done at home. It takes no more than your creativity and a little extra time to create the breezy and casual wedding reception of your dreams!

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