Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Table Numbers!


You've decided the location, the food, the music you will dine too, but have you chosen what your guests will see on their table? Or even how your guests will recognize which table is theirs?! Table numbers, ladies! 

Table numbers are a great way to show off your signature style and go as bold or subdued as you choose. They also serve as an inexpensive DIY route depending on the style you are attempting to achieve. Do you know what size and shape the tables will be at your reception venue? If not, finding out the dimensions is your first step in choosing the right table design. You don't want your design to be too large if the tables will be in close proximity to one another. It's important to visualize how the whole room will look with each table decorated. This can help you decide which route you will choose for your table numbers. 

The shabby-chic look is such a simple way to make your reception feel more intimate and warm. If you're a DIY bride, this is the project for you! Simply gather knickknacks, books, frames and small vases in assorted colors (keeping in your theme, of course!) that can easily be arranged on the table. The books will be used to create height in your design, and will serve as a place to showcase your framed table number. If you do decide this is your kind of look, we recommend filing the little vases with soft flowers that will enhance the "shabby" theme. 

Today's featured product is our Laser Cut Table Numbers. These table numbers are a stylish alternative if you just don't have the time to create your own design. They come in six assorted colors and will not only be easy for your guests to recognize, but also serve as a beautiful addition to your decor!

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