Friday, February 3, 2012

Your wedding, Your way


Listen up, ladies! Flowers are blooming, springtime attire is slowly peeking out from your wardrobe, and depending on where you reside, the weather is beginning to turn warm. Our blog today showcases numerous ways that you can add personal touches to your an unconventional way! Although traditional weddings still exist (see previous post), couples continue to find clever and unique ways to show their personal style on their wedding day, and as spring starts to creep upon us, we think there is no better time for you to do the same.

Spring and Summer weddings offer flexibility because the weather is warmer and the days are longer. It's the perfect time to incorporate unique and funky colors into your wedding. An easy way to achieve this is to pick an accent color you love, or even two or three, and find unconventional ways to tie those colors throughout. Maybe your bridesmaids could wear different color dresses? Or if you prefer a more structured look, your bridesmaids could wear different color shoes or adorn over the top jewelry. The great thing about experimenting with color is that it creates a very inviting and relaxed atmosphere. 

We are completely in love with the gorgeous bouquets displayed in our inspiration board. Vibrant hues in your bouquet or table setting capture the spring wedding theme so perfectly and can be a great starting point if you can't decide which accent colors to choose. Spend some time talking with a florist or just exploring a flower shop to find flowers you love. Once you've chosen flowers you can't live without, you've probably picked your accent colors without realizing!

So you've created this unique and relaxed wedding atmosphere for you and your guests, now what? Enjoy it! Because your wedding is more like your style, you have the option to run with that style in your reception. A photo booth can be expensive. Create your own. Your guests will love the originality of creating a life-size polaroid cutout, and have a blast playing around with props you've chosen. Thinking about a tasty and colorful party favor? Your guests will love our personalized caramel popcorn wedding favors. The label comes in a variety of bold colors and many unique styles. Wedding favors are another great way to personalize your wedding, your way. 

Remember, this is your day. Tailor it to your style. It's completely acceptable to be as relaxed or as bold as you like. Planning can be fun, just don't forget to enjoy yourself!

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