Friday, February 10, 2012

Nothing Wrong With a Little Sparkle!


Say so long to the stuffy weddings of the past. Today's blog is meant to inspire any and all brides to, say it with me, be yourself! Historically, weddings are formal affairs, especially night time weddings, but time has allowed tradition to sway off the beaten path, and now you have the power to decide everything that goes into your big day.

Our inspiration board is meant for you ladies to pull creativity from and hopefully incorporate in your own wedding. We at Gracious Bridal think that if you can find a way to incorporate fun on your big day and still stay stylish and chic, there is no better way to celebrate. What kind of bride are you? Are you and your honey known for your amazing sense of style? Would you describe yourself as a practical joker? What ever you are known to be by your friends and family, try to bring that into your reception somehow. Your guests will appreciate you staying true to yourself under wedding pressures, and once the whole day is said and done you and your husband will be satisfied with the choices you made. 

A great way to personalize your wedding day is with a continuing theme. If you love the color pink as much as we do, run with it. Are you down-to-earth and casual? Find a way to incorporate your personality in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable. The best advice we can give a new bride is firstly to, breath, then to stay true to yourself throughout the decision process. Don't let yourself be pushed around when too many opinions are brought to the drawing board, even if you didn't necessarily ask for said opinions! 

One last touch to add to your evening? Our 10 inch Wedding Sparklers are a dazzling way to be sent off. They are the perfect reception exit because they are a fun way for everyone to celebrate and they'll look amazing when you look back on pictures. What more could you ask for?!

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