Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Great Way to Give Thanks!


Chances are, you've put so much thought into the tedious details of the ceremony, the reception, even down to the shade of eyeshadow you will use. But today's post is dedicated to those you choose to share your special day with, your guests. 

You can't have a wedding without guests, right?! Well you could...but we know there are too many people in your life you'd like to have by your side on such a magical day. So how do you show each of your guests that you appreciate their presence on your big day? Wedding favors!!! The great thing about wedding favors is that the options are limitless. There is no staying-inside-the-lines when it comes to your wedding favors, because you have total freedom in choosing your "thank you".

Can't decide what to do? Gracious Bridal can help! Today's featured item is our Personalized Rectangular Favor Tags. They come in an array of colors and fonts and are an amazingly easy way to personalize a gift. They're the simple addition to your favor that will make your guest feel appreciated AND they are a budget-friendly way to easily glam up your gift. 

Our tags are easily attachable to mason jars, champagne glasses, trinket boxes and flower bouquets; All of which would make for nice gifts. Are you known for your love of cooking? Canned preservatives or sweet treats would be a perfect send off for your guests. Are you a lover of the outdoors? It is perfectly acceptable to give flowers to your guests or even plant seeds that can represent your love growing (aww!). Are you the couple known for your boisterous personality and love of a good party? Give your guests a cute martini glass.

You can even print the same design on Personalized Matches in a large variety of sizes. Leave them at the bar or tied with ribbon to sparklers for a dazzling send-off! 

The trick with wedding favors is to play up your personality. Don't worry that your gift might go unappreciated, because if you stay true to yourself, we're betting your guests would love any favor!

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