Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Rainbow Connection


A parade of gorgeous hues! Rainbow themes for wedding and events have become popular in the past couple of years, as brides are refusing to adhere to a strict color palette. While maintaining accent colors throughout your wedding will help create a cohesive look, we love the idea of embracing as many different hues as you feel inclined to! This can help foster a more relaxed feel to your event. 

Beginning with your invitations, you can introduce your multi-color wedding theme early on in your wedding planning process. Many brides have relaxed the process of dress shopping for their bridesmaids and requested only that they purchase a dress within a family of hues. We have seen this done to create a rainbow spectrum effect, as seen above, or to create various shades and textures within one color, such as yellow or blue. For brides who would like to incorporate multiple colors in a more subtle fashion, she can encourage her bridesmaids to go for a bold color south of the ankles! Bright shoes make for fantastic photo opportunities. 

Say goodbye to bland (looking-not tasting!) buttercream frosting! From wedding cakes to edible favors and dessert bars, the more colors used the sweeter! Cakes can be embellished in any number of ways to add a pop of color. From butterflies, to a colorful cake topper and, yes, even candy! (Thank you, Martha Stewart, for going boldly where no bride has before dared to venture!). French Macarons, of course, have been stealing the spotlight for the past years and are a wedding favorite on account of their customizable color. Bring two or three accent colors to the bakers and they can often work with you to achieve the look you desire for the baked confections. Even candy favors, lavender sachets or small keepsake gifts can be toted home in bright and beautiful boxes, like our Marbelized Favor Pillow Box Kits!

From flowers to decoration receptions accessories like parasols and props for your photobooth, this unique and, yes, a bit tricky to pull off, wedding theme can treat your guests to a feast for the eyes! We recommend finding inspiration online and in magazines from those who have dared this non-traditional wedding scheme before.

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