Friday, October 7, 2011

A Classic Navy Blue Affair!


A fun Friday update about one of our favorite colors to incorporate at weddings, Navy! This cool blue color seems to be effortlessly elegant and can be integrated just about anywhere during the ceremony and reception. 

The color Navy can become a main staple in your wedding beginning as early as Save The Dates and Invitations. From there on, we love to see this color used whimsically. From hand-crafted cotton bunting to a lovely boutonniere wrapped in navy material and accented with a coordinating button!

Don't limit yourself to the obvious like Navy table linens or flowers in varying shades of Blue. Choose flowers you love for their shape, beauty and smell and tie them off with a gorgeous, satin Navy ribbon. Or use Navy as the accent color in your table settings against a contrasting color. Selecting an accent color to use for the small details of your nuptials, like Personalized Wedding Matches or a sign for your Get Away car will give a thought-out and completed look! Even something as sweet (and yes, non traditional) like a mini pinwheel in your bouquet can carry this classic hue. 

Colors in the family of Orange, Coral, Red, Yellows and Mustards compliment Navy in a chic and stylish way that will appeal to your and your guests!

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