Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To Have and To Hold: Favor Packaging!


It truly is all about the little things in life! We love the thought of sending your guests off in little boxes and bags as precious and clever as can be! Our Polka-Dot Favor Boxes offer a feminine, yet retro vibe. The two-piece construction, however and color options of Ivory and Olive Green maintain a sophisticated and grown-up feel. Flat and slender boxes that mix and match top and bottom are great for incorporating wedding themes and can hold a single helping of gorgeous, pearlized Jordan Almonds. Ingenious packaging like this helps limit the quantity of an expensive candy or snack per guests while still scoring high on design. Even our Gold Tab-Top boxes taper off up top, so "filling to the brim" will cost you significantly less. Instead of handing guests a microscopic plain box, they will be receiving an interesting and unusual (and yes, even personalized) container. We love the vintage candy shop feel of the multi-colored stripe bag with a cello pane for viewing. Proud of the goodies you will be sending your guests home with? Show them off! And make them part of your display. Hand made candies swathed in fine cloth, ribbon or paper makes an excellent place card holder and favor in one. Whether adorned with a hang tag, label or personalized wrap, each guest will be eager to find their seat and see what treat awaits them! Favor packaging is the perfect opportunity to sum up the "essentials" of your wedding day design in a charming and portable way. Whether your theme inspires dark, rich reds and golds with an eastern flair or is as light-hearted as a simple birdie and polka-dot ribbon, be sure that the packaging you chose reflects the taste and style of you and your fiance. These unbelievably cute linen drawstring bags, featured the bride and grooms initials within their own horse design. A perfect fit for their countryside wedding! For a more economical alternative to these personalized take-home bags, Martha Stewarat suggests the simplicity and beauty of the Stamped bag. Colored ink will help amp-up the vintage feel of these do-it-yourself favorites!

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