Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bridal Beauty


The delicate and feminine touch of bridal accessories and general wedding beauty is something we crave daily here at Gracious Bridal! We love modern trends that still pay homage to classic elegance. Today, our board pays tribute to one of the most noted icons of classic elegance, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis. From a flattering neckline to a simple row of pearls, hers is a style that never goes out of fashion! And we hear bridal gloves are making a huge comeback this season! 

Wedding day jewelry is such an exciting and important decision to make! We love these Tracy Tenpenny Earrings, hand-made here in Austin. The soft and pleasant shades of gold and light pink make them a perfect gift for Bridesmaids to wear on the big day and for years to come! We love the idea of integrating your unique style in your bridesmaids outfits. This scene from a Southern wedding is a funky look with mismatched boots and eclectic mix of beautiful, brown belts. It's nice that, though the bride wanted to go for something more classic on her wedding day, her love for these trends could still be brought to life by her bridesmaids!

We're all for a comfortable pair of flats, especially on one of the most whirlwind (and exhausting) days of your life. This pair comes together to form a small heart design. Similarly, the half up-do with gorgeous floral detail is an easy way for a bride to look stunning, while remaining comfortable and relaxed. 

We often see brides enthusiastically integrate their personal bridal styles into details of the bridal shower or bridal luncheon. French Macaroons can be styled into any color to match jewelery, wedding colors or color accents in the brides bouquet. Even the cake can often be inspired by the brides gown. This cohesive look helps make a wedding look rich and complete.

Of course, make up is an essential part of bridal beauty! We recommend staying away from any trends and going with a classic look. In this instance, the bride didn't sacrifice softness for drama. Her look is bold without being over-powering. 

On your wedding day, as true with all days, the most important part of looking beautiful is having fun and enjoying yourself. We love how one bride chose to integrate her favorite, four-legged companion at her bridal luncheon. Too cute! 

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