Sunday, August 21, 2011

Safari Weddings

I hope all our readers had a great weekend! I went to the zoo this weekend and had a lot of fun. Today's post is inspired by my little excursion. If you are a huge animal lover or have a passion for exotic animals, a safari/jungle/zoo themed wedding would be perfect for you! Place desserts or favors on our personalized custom tray to add fun animal prints to go with the theme.

Animal prints can look classy if done right, and as always - only faux fur! Animal prints usually have very busy details. If you would like to incorporate animal prints into your outfit, you could use them on your shoes, earrings and a short shawl. It should be kept light and simple. You could also add a faux feather hair piece, which are available in a variety of colors. This was of course is inspired by the exotic birds I saw in the zoo.

As for the settings and decor, you could use tiny exotic animals sculptures as centerpieces and animal print table runners. Earthy color tones, such as orange, brown and beige work best for the color scheme. Forget about using common and tradition flowers in your bouquet, use exotic flowers such as Arum lilies, Arctotis or Marigolds. You could also place giant Mostera leaves all around the room or maybe even tie them to the back of wooden furniture chairs.

For the adventurous and outgoing couples, you could book the zoo as your wedding location! It would be a fun place for guests of all ages. A couple who hosted their wedding at the Santa Barbara zoo even had a giraffe feeding after the ceremony! Check out Max Wanger's photography. As crazy as it sounds, doesn't that just sound fun and interesting? If that seems too expensive or you would not prefer to have the animals steal your spotlight, botanical gardens are great places to have a safari wedding. You'd still be surrounded by beautiful and exotic plants.

Animal prints are fun to work with and can look elegant when paired with the right colors and not overdone. Have fun with this theme all you "wildly in love" couples!


  1. Well this must be the very good idea..The pair of shoes are looking beautiful..

  2. what a cute photography and wedding dress.No doubt that this is a Awesome article...thanks for posting.

  3. I too love animals...Animal prints are fun to work with and can look elegant when paired with the right colors and not overdone...great imagination!

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