Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Queen of Hearts Inspired Wedding

Remember the whimsical tea party post I wrote a couple of weeks ago? I just can't get enough of the theme and I am so inspired by Alice in Wonderland. So here's another board of the most prominent character of the show: the Red Queen! The red and black color scheme looks absolutely fabulous! To add details to the theme, line candy and chocolate favors with our large red baking liner to give the favors a complete and dramatic finish.

For all our lovely brides-to-be who suddenly see themselves turning into "bridezillas", don't worry. This is your special day and everything has to be perfect. It is your moment... You should feel like a queen for the day! The Red Queen from Alice and Wonderland sure understands what it feels like. Though she is probably a little more dramatic than she needs to be. But take that drama and turn it into a wedding theme.

A red and black wedding is completely theatrical. The red simply exudes fiery passion while the black contrast keeps it cool yet sophisticated. Have an up-do for an elegant look and accompany it with a fancy hairpiece with feathers or go for a bird cage veil. For the adventurous and bold, you could even wear a red wedding dress! Red wedding dresses in western culture has been a trend for a while now. It is no longer seen as a taboo color for wedding dresses. If you find that look a little too alarming and intense, you could choose to simply add a red ribbon or small detailing such as red sequins on the train or bustle.

Classic red roses everywhere are a must. You could use them in your bridal bouquet, or incorporate them in your centerpieces, and even spread rose petals on the floor and table. You could also use decks of cards as part of the decoration, such as using the designs on seating cards. If you are not into the Alice in Wonderland theme, the red and black color scheme would also work well for a Vegas-themed wedding. It is all about the glitz, glamour, fame and fortune!

Oh, the drama and romance mashed into one theme! It is fabulously over-the-top, but I love it! You are the bride and you have the power to call the shots on your wedding, so do it the Red Queen style... Everything will be perfect!


  1. The red and black color scheme looks absolutely fabulous!This is a great idea...every bride should feel as a queen ...great creative...

  2. A red and black wedding is completely theatrical as the red is the color of love and black is universal color..

  3. Beautiful Phots...I think thats a brilliant idea!!
    you should definetely do that it sounds like it will be amazing!!It will be unforgetable

  4. Lovely inspiration!The Red Queen from Alice and Wonderland sure understands what it feels like...i think this is a great thought!would love to go for it!