Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Groom's Cakes

Hey, it's Wedding Idea Wednesday again! Today's post will be a little different, because it is a post for your groom. We're introducing the Groom's cake! You may have heard of one, but here are the details of what it is and if you would be needing one.
The history of Groom cakes stems from the southern part of the United States in the 17th century. While the usual, classic wedding is white with simple flavors such as vanilla, the groom cake can be of any flavor and variety, most commonly with fruits or chocolate. This tradition has started to come back all around the wedding scene. The current trend is for the groom cakes to incorporate and reflect details of the groom's hobbies and interest.
Though groom cakes are an American tradition, in the recent Royal Wedding, Prince William has decided to serve a biscuit cake as his groom cake. Since biscuits and tea are a staple of British life, the biscuit cake is something the British can relate to. This has definitely become a world wide trend! Head to the Huffington post for the full story and a recipe for a chocolate biscuit cake.
The inspirational board has some pretty awesome looking cakes. The designs usually revolve around sports. I love how it also comes in a form of cupcake groom cakes. If you can't read the small print on the cake with the cuffs, the bride-to-be writes "You may carry the cuffs, but don't forget who's got the keys! Property of Jen." How funny!
Groom cakes are usually served on a separate table from the actual wedding cake. However two different cakes at a wedding reception may be a little unnecessary, so most couples prefer to serve them as dessert for rehearsal dinners or slice them into small pieces and pack them as wedding favors. (Our clear favor boxes would be great for packing the cake slices)
You should partake in this fun tradition! It will add a personal touch to the wedding and surprise your groom. Let him know that you understand and embrace all his delights in sports, music or other interest while honoring him with a delicious cake. It would be fun to get creative with the theme and decoration of the cake. It also doubles as a wedding favor for guests, so it's a win-win situation!
Doesn't this sound fun and exciting? Would you like to get a groom's cake? Let us know in the comments below!
Article sources: Wedding Channel and Wedding Aces


  1. I really don't believe that they are the cakes...Nice creativity..I like all the designs..They are looking real..

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