Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding Ideas: Damask Details

Here's a really fun theme to work with: damask prints! This intricate design works best with some form of contrast. The use of black and white is common for damask prints but it can also be used with many color schemes.

A black and white color palette is simple, but chic and classic. Apart from the use of black and white to contrast the damask print, it can also be accented with bright colors, perfect for the summer. The board above shows perfect examples of how pink and yellow can really compliment the print. Also, eco-friendly wedding are a hot trend - green with black and white damask prints will work as the perfect color palette for your eco-chic wedding.

If you think damask details are a little too heavy, fear not... These prints can be used subtly as well. Table runners or simply a damask print napkin would add a little bit of detail without overpowering the rest of the color scheme. It would be the perfect sophisticated finishing touches to your reception or wedding dinner.

Damask prints are so versatile and you can find them in fabrics, stationary, flower centerpieces and wedding cakes. It can be incorporated in your wedding in a variety of ways. So get creative with unique damask prints and we hope that the board will provide you with great ideas!

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