Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wedding Dresses with Pockets

It's practical, functional and a little bit quirky... It's wedding dresses with pockets! This trend first popped out in 2010, but has been gaining more popularity in 2011. I haven't seen many blog posts about wedding dresses with pockets, but I think it deserves one.

This is simply an ingenious idea. Pockets serve a subtle and discreet function in wedding dresses, and is a convenient solution for many brides. Brides are often seen carrying their cellphone to keep track of their wedding and guests. But with pockets, they can carry their cellphone and even small accessories such as a compact mirror and lipstick to check their makeup at anytime. This reduces the hassle of carrying a pouch and risk of losing any valuables. During the fall or winter season, pockets allow brides to keep their hands warm, while looking elegant. This is a great alternative to shopping for wedding gloves which are usually laced and do nothing to keep hands warm.

When it was introduced in 2010 by J. Crew, there was only a small collection of wedding dresses with pockets. While brides love the idea, there was a limited selection to choose from. But now that the trend has caught on, you can find a much wider selection that would probably fit you better. There are already 12 different styles of wedding dresses to choice from on the inspirational board above.

Personally, I think wedding dresses with pockets is a trend that will not fade because of its practical function, and in fact, more designs will be made available in the seasons to come. So lookout for this bridal trend and consider it for your wedding!

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