Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pastel Perfect

Happy Friday! It's almost the weekend, which means that it's time for our full-time brides-to-be to relax, unwind, and look at pretty inspirations that are easy on the eyes. So, today's post will be all about pastel color palettes. Our polka dot favor boxes are available in two pastel colors, perfect for holding sweet treats and complimenting a simple table setting.

Pastel refers to any color with a particularly lighter shade, so you still have a wide range of colors to choose from. So many lovely adjectives comes to mind when I think of pastel colors: soft, delicate, subtle, romantic... But the best part is that it is great for any season. Pastel color schemes are not only limited to spring, but they are popping up in bridal showers and weddings all year round!

Brides often feel that they are limited to colors that have to match the season, but pastel color palettes can solve this problem easily. For example, yellow may be fun for the summer, but you may still use a pastel yellow for a fall wedding if you think bright yellow is too heavy. As I said, every color can be "made" pastel, so it depends on your color combination to set the theme of the wedding.

Personally, pastel is the sweetest color scheme for a wedding. It is classic, timeless and simply sets the mood for an everlasting romance.

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