Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bubbly Blue Color Theme and More Cupcakes!

Seems like it's cupcake Wednesdays! If you missed last Wednesday's cupcake post, check it outhere. If you have already decided on having a cupcake wedding cake, you could make your wedding a cupcake themed wedding and use these lovely cupcake flower vase to decorate your reception, or use it for a unique centerpiece, it's simply adorable!

Okay, so now on to today's board. I thought I should add a blue color theme board since I don't do color-inspired boards very often. Blue is such a popular color in weddings because of it's appeal to both brides and grooms. Blue symbolizes peace and harmony - much needed on a hectic wedding, but also unity, trust and loyalty - essential qualities to keep a happy marriage.

For our lovely brides who prefer a girly touch, you could use pastel blue or turquoise which happens to symbolize femininity. Yellow is a great complimenting color to a blue color palette, because of its striking contrast and really adds a refreshing pop of color to the wedding.

Blue is such a soothing color and so easy on the eyes... I hope you are inspired by a blue wedding theme. Check back on Friday for a vintage themed wedding!

Here are a few more pictures to show how the vase works:

For more blue wedding favors, click here.


  1. Cup cakes has always been one of my favourates.Then too in blue color....I am really very eager to have them!!!!

  2. Well I like cup cakes and this blue color theme is just too good..Blue is such a soothing color and so easy on the eyes..thanks

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  5. Blue might be the color of your child's favorite sports team or you could be combining blue foods with red ones for a superhero party. Whatever be your reason, but these will help you feeling blue.

  6. Well, the first thing that just banged my mind was that, as if the creator is just influenced by blue color theme, amazing.!