Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Royal Affair

A little sparkle, a little bling...Gold is everyone's favorite precious metal. For centuries all across the globe, the color gold symbolizes all things prosperous such as wealth, wisdom and even associated with divinity. Send your guests home with good fortune with wedding gifts filled in our gold tab top favor boxes.

Gold color palettes are very versatile. Not only does it match with a variety of colors, but the different color combination of gold could be set for different themes, such as bollywood, oriental, and fairytale themes. The inspirational board focuses on a modern fairytale wedding theme, with a pink and gold color palette.

It can be used for indoor and outdoor weddings which is perfect for any season. A great color combination for the fall would be gold and orange while gold and green is perfect for the summer. A great idea I got from Creative theme wedding ideas, is to spray paint your flower or fruit arrangement for outdoor-garden celebrations.

The color and value of gold is timeless. Gold brings out elegance, classiness and sophistication of any wedding. Mesmerize and captivate your guests with your stunning sparkling wedding!

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  1. Gold is a precious thing of all time. Some use gold to show their status and some use gold to show their love to their dear ones.