Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lace: Timeless Elegance with a Modern Twist

Planning a laced themed wedding? We are here to inspire you! Sophisticated and elegant with hint of mystery - this year is all about laces. Imagine the wedding: laced wedding dresses, shoes, invitations, and even cupcake favors! No part of your wedding is off limits for lace to be decorated with.

The origin of lace dates back to the 15th century and people often associate lace patterns with traditional and conservative weddings. However, lace has been gaining more attention in fashion lately and it is an upcoming trend.

The highlight of the royal wedding earlier this year, was none other than Kate Middleton's lace and satin wedding dress. The dress is made of French Chantilly and English Cluny lace throughout the bodice, skirt and underskirt. ( The laced sleeves was the best feature that added detail and sophistication to the otherwise, fairly average looking wedding dress.

Lace brings romanticism and a level of sophistication to any wedding dress. If you are not into a vintage wedding, a laced themed wedding can be made modern and chic with the use of the simple contrast of the black and white color palette. White lace on a black background (or vice versa) highlights the intricate design of lace that is eye-catching while subtle enough not to draw attention from the stunning bride.

Whether you like it elegant and vintage, modern and chic or even edgy and Gothic, lace themed weddings can be applied in a variety of ways.

(Photos from top left: Bella Impressions, Asos, Affordable Utah Weddings, Style Unveiled, Ruffled, Ladies' Emporium, Real Simple and Gracious Bridal's Lace Wedding Cupcake Wrapper Kit)

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