Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The old saying is something every girl knows and is automatically associated with her wedding day, but few know what the items symbolize and how to perfectly include these items down the aisle. Gracious Bridal will show you the meanings of these items and how to incorporate them on your wedding day.

Something old is meant to remind the bride of her link to her past and her family. Even though she is getting married, she is still a part of her family and shouldn't forget that. A great way to incorporate something new is through jewelry. A timeless jewelry piece is a great addition to any bride's outfit and makes her family feel important. If the only jewelry piece available is a bit too dated you can always re-jewel the piece to update its look.

Something new represents the future the bride has with her groom. A wedding symbolizes new beginnings with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Most brides will use a new dress for this one but it's very easy to use anything. New gloves, new veil, new shoes, you name it!

Something borrowed represents the support the bride receives from her friends and family on her wedding day and in the future. This item is lent to the bride for the day so don't worry if a friend asks to borrow something, you'll get it back! Once again jewelry is an easy solution but don't feel limited to that. Hair accessories, gloves, even a garter could be shared amongst friends!

Something blue symbolizes faithfulness, purity and loyalty. This is an old tradition that stretches back through time and is still being maintained today. Most brides have a hard time incorporating this item since a blue piece sticks out on an all white outfit. My favorite way of incorporating this is through shoes. Blue pumps or strappy sandals are easy to find and can be reused for another occasion. Also, many designers offer some type of blue bridal footwear. Let us not forget the beautiful Louboutin bridal shoe from a couple years ago with a blue sole!

These bridal traditions are a great way to remind yourself of your friends, family, past, and future- they are the chance for creative inclusions in your bridal outfit! Check out graciousbridal.com for great "new" products!

Written by: Allison


  1. Love those shoes! With their bright blue color, they certainly make a bold and feminine statement.

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