Saturday, April 2, 2011

Alcohol Etiquette

Noone wants to deal with a guest at their wedding who has a little too much to drink. Wondering how to avoid this awkward moment on the most important day of your life? Continue reading for advice on how to politely control how much your guests drink.

1. Limited bar hours.
The bar can be open for a brief period during the reception and then reopened after dinner is served. Or the bar can be open for an hour or so in the beginning of the reception and closed well before the reception ends. The DJ can announce the opening and closing of the bar so that the guests are well aware of when they may get free drinks at the bar. This option is also a money-saver because you do not have to pay the wait staff while the bar is closed.

2. Beer and wine only
This is a very acceptable alternative. Liquor can be served in limited amounts as well. Most likely your guests are not going to chug their wine and hopefully not their beer, unless you invited many former frat boys.

3. Table-by-table service
Forego the open bar completely and have a table-by-table service where the waitstaff takes individual orders for drinks. The waitstaff can also carry around a tray with drink options and circle through the guests during the reception. Another option is to have a few bottles of wine at each table. No guest wants to be "that" person that drinks the last sip.

4. Cash bar
This is a perfectly acceptable option- just make sure to let your guests know on the invites. This also greatly reduces the price of the reception. If people have to pay for their own drinks they are much less likely to overindulge. Tip: provide the champagne for the toast at no charge to your guests.

Tell us about your personal experiences with offering alcohol at your reception!

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