Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To DIY or Not?

When planning your wedding undoubtedly you’ve run into some of the coolest DIY tutorials online.  The temptation to do half your wedding DIY, and save money to splurge on honeymoon, reception, dress or just to save, is irresistible however, it is best to approach the area with caution.  Unless you are Martha Stewart you will probably not possess all the necessary skills and tools to do all the DIY tutorials, not to mention time.  You are already planning a wedding and trying to keep your life sane and adding numerous projects is sure to destroy what is left of your sanity.

            Doing some DIY projects can be tons of fun and they are a great way to save you some money.  Often brides experience great success doing DIY wedding favors and many have said it saved them money to use elsewhere in their budgets.  Often it can be a good way to occupy over-helpful mothers and friends, while you work on planning your wedding.

            Simple DIY projects are the best to being with, such as deconstructing roses to get your own rose petals.  If you have experience with crafts you should know your own limits and know if any expensive items are required for the idea you have.  Often at least one bridesmaid will be crafty and you can rely on her for help, but make sure not to smother her, it may be your day but you should not abuse that fact!

            The bottom line is if you have a tight budget a DIY project may be a great way to save some money.  There are many online ideas and books dedicated to wedding crafts where anybody can find the perfect project(s) for their wedding.  However, make sure to avoid taking too many crafts and crafts that are beyond your skill set.  Nobody wants to realize two weeks before the wedding that they cannot finish their project and have to do without on their wedding day!

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