Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh La La! Lingerie Party!

You may or may not have heard of the fairly new pre-wedding bridal trend known as the “lingerie party.”  With a name as eye-grabbing as that, your imaginations are bound to be running wild, and we’ve got all of the juicy details on what it is, how to throw it, and who to invite…
The lingerie party is akin to the bridal shower as it’s a gathering of the female portion of the bridal party and invitees.  However, lingerie parties are much more private gatherings.  At a lingerie party, guests gift unto the bride pieces of lingerie ranging from wild to modest – but preferably wild and risqué.  The draw of the lingerie party for the bride is receiving a wide array of new unmentionable digs to show off to her new hubby – the draw for the guests is to try to make the bride blush as hard as possible.
These sorts of parties are better hosted in more private locations, so as not to draw the attention of fancy families out to brunch or teatime.  If someone from the wedding party is willing to host the event at their home, then perfect!  Otherwise, nightclubs with private rooms are popular locales.
Fun ways to throw a lingerie party are to set a semi-romantic mood.  If you’re hosting at home, light some candles and set some flowers up around the room.  You want to establish a comfortable, cozy atmosphere.  A popular trend of lingerie parties is to serve foods that are considered aphrodisiacs.  Now, we realize this is starting to sound a little to intimate for a room full of bridal party ladies, and when we say aphrodisiacs, we’re thinking more along the lines of chocolates, fruits such as apricots, figs, and pomegranates, and even nuts like walnuts and pine nuts.  No need to prepare a platter of oysters.  Cute cookies are a welcome dish as well, like heart-shaped sugar cookies as below:
And don’t forget the invitations!  Make them creative and even somewhat suggestive if you want to draw the right crowd of fun-filled attitudes to the lingerie party!

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  1. I love getting together with my girlfriends for a good party. I hosted a gold party last weekend and we had a blast! Made some money too. ;) The lingerie party looks like fun!