Over the past 5 years our ways of communicating have changed drastically.  With the explosive growth of Facebook, Twitter and the Blogsphere communication is quick and ever reaching.  One problem brides now face is how to go about spreading the word that they are engaged and avoid messy wedding invitation fiascos.

            You don’t want your parents finding out about the engagement because your best friend Becky tweeted about your new relationship status.  Good sense dictates that you wait until immediate family and best friends know before putting anything online.  But after that the “rules” on engagement etiquette online get fuzzy.

            If you want to keep the wedding small with close friends and family I would suggest simply changing your status to married after the date.  This way the barrage of friends well wishes comes after the event and nobody can guilt you into including them.

            If you plan on a giant wedding with almost everyone being invited feel free to let your social networks know.  Changing your relationship status to engaged and letting out occasional tweets about the wedding planning is perfectly acceptable.  However, be careful not to cross the line.  As much as your friends love you nobody wants to look at 276 pictures of you picking out a cake, venue, dress etc.  Likewise, Facebook events are something I would shy away from.  For starters, there are plenty of other online ways to spread your wedding invitations, without your wedding popping up on your friend’s events next to the Saturday kegger at Mike’s house.

            Controlling everything that goes on about your wedding online will be impossible, once the invitations come out.  Unfortunately, with the way we communicate now the friend you left out will find out sooner rather than later, and feelings will likely get hurt.  However, social networking also allows you to share the special event with family and friends who live to far away to travel or who you have fallen out of touch with.  Socially networking brings good and bad to the table, but if you use caution, most problems should be avoided.

P.S. Wedding albums are the best to put online!  I know I like nothing better than looking through friend’s wedding albums.  But once again don’t put up all 2000 pictures…we love you just not quite that much.