Thursday, March 24, 2011

Color Counts

VH1’s reality show “Wedding Wars” features engaged couples battling it out in wedding-themed challenges to win their preferences for categories including clothing, food, décor, and venue. One episode featured a very upset bride- her fiancé won the clothing competition and wanted her to wear a traditional Asian red dress.

She ended up defying him and wearing an all-white gown. She showed just how important wearing a white gown can be to brides in the western hemisphere.

The western traditional white wedding gown is important to many brides, whether it’s for the history, beauty, tradition, or its symbolization. However, many brides have recently been diverting from the all-white tradition and adding spots of color to their wedding dresses in the form of sashes, designs, shoes, or even the entire gown!

What do you think- is color appropriate in a wedding gown? If a wedding is supposed to symbolize a couple’s love for each other and future life together, then let the wedding dress symbolize the bride’s personality to the fullest.

Here are some options about how to add a little color to that wedding gown.

You can buy a gown that has color already fashioned into it. This red gown is from and features red on the neckline and through the center of the train.

Not as adventurous as red? This gown has trimmings of black lace, providing a subtle hint of color appropriate for a formal ceremony and reception.

This Vera Wang dress has a stunning black sash with a bow if you want to make a statement with your pop of color.

Simple sashes can add a simple touch of color without taking away the traditional white gown feel.

If you prefer to stick with tradition and have an all-white gown there are still options for color- don’t forget the shoes, bouquet and other flower arrangements, and the bridesmaids gown’s and groomsmen’s vests.

Just be cautious: don't go overboard like this paper wedding dress.

What do you think? Tell us your stories of experimenting with color!

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  1. It's looks nice wedding dress, but last one is very unique gown & lovely