Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stag and Doe Parties

Worried about the cost of your up-coming wedding extravaganza?  Don’t beat yourself over the head about the price of those flower arrangements for the reception, or the high-end demands of the catering company you just booked.  It’s your big day!  You’re allowed to enter married life with a bang, without worrying about breaking the bank.  Not convinced?  If you MUST fret, there’s always the option of hosting a Stag and Doe pre-wedding bash.

A Stag and Doe party isn’t just another money-suck bachelor/bachelorette party – and that’s why you probably haven’t ever heard of it.  A tradition originating in Canada and the United Kingdom, Stag and Doe does not preclude the bride and groom from hosting their respective bachelor parties, but rather, functions to raise money for them.

Of the wedding party guests, typically only the closest are invited to participate in this special party.  Following Canadian tradition, guests pay for entrance to the bonanza, where they participate in games and drink and eat, all the while with the bride and groom’s financial future in mind by making donations.  This version of the Stag and Doe raises money for the young couple so they don’t have to worry about starting their new lives together in debt.  Think of it as a wedding fundraiser.  Quite a considerate party, don’t you think?
When you’re making money, you party harder
 In the United Kingdom, the Stag and Doe party is more of a combined bachelor/bachelorette party.  Bride and groom go out on the town with their wedding party pals in tow, living it up in harmony.  Though this version of the party doesn’t exactly raise money for the couple, it does allow them to spend their last night as single people together, which could quash any qualms either bride or groom may have about spending their wedding eve alone.

And really, who wants to spend the night before their wedding like this?
So if you’re worried about the cost of your upcoming wedding, consider hosting a Stag and Doe party.  Though the burden of planning ANOTHER party may seem daunting, the end result to lots of financial support from your closest friends and family, which is definitely an attractive alternative to waking up the morning after your wedding and having a panic attack.

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