Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sweets for your Sweetie!

With roots tracing back to the southern parts of America, the groom’s cake is making a major comeback! No longer is it seen as an additional expense, crowding the ever-growing “To-Do List”. Intended to be a gift from the bride to the groom (a.k.a. a way of making the groom feel as though he is a part of the wedding, too) adventurous couples who want to try something new, have really been taking the idea and running with it.

The most famous grooms cake in history - and our personal favorite! - from Steel Magnolias

If you’re stumped about the specifics of the groom’s cake - don’t be. The #1 rule is that there are no rules! You can make it be whatever you prefer. Be mindful that you’re french vanilla, six-tier cake with butter cream filling might not be exactly what your chocolate-loving husband and guests like, which is why the groom’s cake often serves as an alternate choice to the traditional wedding cake. But in the past, some couples have served it as a tasty way to top off the rehearsal dinner.

In order not to compete with the wedding cake, we recommend opting for a different flavor for the groom's cake. You can pick your sweetie's favorite flavor such as chocolate, fresh fruit or even carrot cake.

When designing the groom’s cake, brides often choose themes ranging from his hobbies, interests or occupation. For example, if your hubby-to-be is a football fanatic maybe a design that represents his favorite team would be best. Several brides have even been electing to use the groom’s cake as a way of adding a little spice, wit or sense-of-humor to their wedding. The groom's cake serves as a nice break from what can sometimes become restricting "tradition". Designing the groom's cake as a project for both bride and groom has become increasingly more popular and help break up some of the tension of planning a wedding. Double the cake tasting? No harm in that! But if your groom's cake is a collaborative effort, be sure it reflects the style of both you and your sweetheart. 

No matter the constraints, use your creativity to make the groom’s cake totally personal and unique - as it should be. And if you are worried about having too much cake left over, sending guests home with a slice, neatly packages in unique favor boxes, doubles as a tasty wedding favor. And believe me, we know wedding favors!

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