Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stress-Free Rehearsal Dinner

All the planning is done. The dresses have been tailored. You’ve had three ceremony run-throughs and everyone knows their roles and places for the big day. It’s now time for the rehearsal dinner.
Hosting a rehearsal dinner at home doesnt mean you have to forgo style
Mixing and mingling is the name of the game. This is a great chance for the bridal party and families to create a social bond, outside of creating place cards and tying ribbons around millions of favor boxes. The rehearsal dinner also affords the couple an opportunity to thank everyone who helped in preparation and tolerated those “bridezilla” moments – Come on, you know there were a couple! You may even decide to present your bridal party with their wedding gifts at this time as well.

The best part about the rehearsal dinner is that it can be as fancy or as causal as you would like. Traditionally paid for by the groom’s family—which is always a plus, the rehearsal dinner doesn’t just include the wedding party and immediate family members anymore. These days, experts and wedding magazine editors are saying that it’s perfectly acceptable to invite out of town guests as well. By inviting out of town guests, you are saying, “I value you taking out the time and money to be a part of my big day,” plus this provides them with some entertainment and socializing in a new town the night before the wedding.

Rehearsal dinners can be exactly what you make them, and can cost as much as $1200. So if you are working from a strict budget, some less expensive venues might be just the thing for you - such as a private clubhouse, restaurant or even your home. A backyard barbeque with a little flag football or volleyball (without the mishaps of “Meet the Parents”) is a perfect way to relax before your day, without breaking the bank.

No matter what you decide to do, you definitely want to have a rehearsal dinner and show appreciation for the people that made it all possible.


  1. Your "Meet The Parents" reference had me smiling Whitnie, from the best man's perspective while he gives his main best man speech on the day of the wedding, he should offer a toast to the bride and groom just as the rehearsal dinner commences.

  2. Great suggestion! Who doesnt love being toasted to?