Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Best Man Speech

Do you only want a wedding planner like J. Lo so that they can feed the best man his speech? Use this outline for the basic speech for the best man to give on your wedding day without the embarrassment.

Hello everyone. I am [your name]. I have known [groom's name] since [he was born / since I was born / for 20 years / since 2nd grade when . . .] He was the only guy I knew that could [shoot milk out of his nose / play baseball and watch the girls at the same time without missing a pitch…..etc] I remember the time when we were [keep it clean remember there are usually mothers and children at weddings] When he met [bride’s name] he totally changed [like he always puts the toilet seat down now, he doesn’t drink as much, just not any less and he is happier than I have ever seen him before] I can tell, [groom’s name and bride’s name] are very much in love and will have many happy years together. I would like to tell them both that it was a special honor for me to be asked to be a part of this incredible day for them both. I and the rest of the wedding party would like to propose a toast to the happy couple and wish them years upon years of blissful, happiness and our best wishes.

Note: Don't forget to replace the names used here with yours and alter the other texts according to your likings.


  1. I do appreciate this outline. It really helps. I add some points...

    Instead of describing the connection with the bride and groom well before they were given married, coax the crowd straight to picking out which often of the two is luckier for marrying the other - the groom or perhaps the bride-to-be.

    I have read this idea in squidoo and I am sure it helps a lot. If ever you want to have more ideas about best man speeches specially in making it fun, I attach the link below.

    hope it helps...


  2. This serves very well as an outline, the only suggestion I would make is to perhaps compliment the bridesmaids otherwise job well done.