Monday, July 19, 2010

What am I Forgetting?

The month before you wedding can be very hectic, and you might be forgetting those small details that can make a difference.

Don’t forget your Cake Serving Set. Some reception venues have these, but they may not be as decorative as you would like. They will be in photos of the happy couple cutting the cake, so it is something to remember. If your wedding is formal, consider a traditional Personalized Embossed Serving Set. For the glamorous bride, I suggest something with a little bling power like our Glitz and Glam Serving Set.

Be sure that Champagne Toasting Flutes are also on your list.

Most couples choose to get a set of champagne flutes that are different from what the venue/caterer uses. These will also be used in wedding pictures multiple times – during the toasts as well as with the cutting of the magnificent cake. If you have extra champagne left over after toasting, you can use the glasses throughout the rest of your wedding. If there is an unopened bottle at the end of the night, some venues will invite you to take it to your honeymoon suite for the most important toast of the evening.

Now, everyone loves to look at pictures, so try to get a collage of you and your soon-to-be hubby to put out around the reception. If most of the photos are digital, use digital frames around the room or make a powerpoint and display it on a projection screen. This is a great opportunity to show your friends and family that don’t get to see you two this often how much fun the both of you have together.

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