Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flower Corsage Options

Just as the men in a wedding party and family have boutonnières, females may have corsages. While this is a long-time tradition, other options are available. Corsages can be difficult to pin, depending on the material of the outfit. We know how hard it is to find that perfect outfit, so putting 5 big straight pins through the delicate fabric can be avoided.

Wrist corsages are an alternative to the pin-on corsage. It is basically the same thing, except it is tired around the wrist with a ribbon (preferably a color in the wedding theme). One drawback to the wrist corsages is they can become a nuisance to wear all night, especially when it is a larger one. It can become irritable and may keep falling or slipping off.

Single flowers are becoming more popular. A florist can pick out one of the larger ones in the bunch, then wrap it in a ribbon that ties to your theme (possibly even the ribbon around your bridesmaids bouquets). The moms can carry them in during the processional, then place them at their table during the reception. This alleviates the problem of re-pinning and re-tying the other forms of corsages. With the single flower, you can enjoy the wedding without the worry of messing with a corsage.

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