Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When A Strapless is Not Enough

Luckily for those of us tying the knot these days, wedding dresses come in all shapes and styles. Unfortunately, the evolution of the bra has not kept up, leaving girls with fewer and less comfortable options to make sure they're covered at all times. As a bride who will be walking down the aisle in a sweet heart, strapless dress with a low back, I have started exploring my options. I've tried on the dress with lingerie and it works, but the thought of walking down the aisle on a spring afternoon in Texas makes me want to trade my gown for a swimsuit cover up. 

I was about to settle for a stick on bra, which in the past have left me with missing skin on my sides (not a good look for someone who's about to be in a bikini 24/7), when one of the girls at work told me about Dimrs.

These miniscule silicone wonders have no glue (rejoice!) and are not bulky like your typical petals or "sticky bra" as my mother eloquently calls them. The point that truly sold me was the fact that they are reusable, washable and give you a "clean" look, no matter what you're wearing. I tried out my new pair yesterday with a tube top that I had been stuffing my strapless into for months. The result  - my fiance asked if I lost weight and I didn't sweat through my shirt! My little saviors!

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