Friday, May 21, 2010

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Women are notoriously hard to shop for, but what about men? It is traditional for the groom to buy each groomsmen a gift as a thank you for being a member of the wedding party. Here are a few suggestions from GraciousB.

Etched Shot Glasses

These are great for the “pre-ceremony” shot some guys choose to do. It’s great for pictures since everyone’s glass will match. It’s also something for them to keep after the wedding as a reminder.

Personalized Flask
This is an old tradition with a modern flair: A flask with an odd shape. These are easier to hold, and are not as conspicuous as a traditionally shaped flask.

Fabulous Polar Bear Coolers
Every guy needs a cooler to put his favorite beverages. These are available at in 2 sizes – one to hold one 24-pack and one to hold two 24-packs. You can have them personalized so that there are no mix-ups on what beer belongs to who. These leak-free coolers have been a favorite among grooms, dads and grads, so this is a gift that is perfect for all occasions!

A Masculine Apron
Guys love to grill, so this apron is a great option for a groomsman gift. The apron also includes an oven mitt, bottle opener, towel and bottle holder. Grab a few steaks to throw on the grill and you’ve got a party!


  1. My personal fave is the Masculine Apron. This is something new and will be a surprise gift to any groomsman. These are well thought groom's gift ideas. Personalized gifts will always be
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  2. I want to given groomsmen gifts on my friend's wedding.Thanks for Informative to me.