Monday, May 10, 2010

Dressing Up The Little Things

As every bride knows, it’s all about the details! If you don’t want “Dasani” or “Ozarka” making a blaring appearance at your wedding events, you should definitely wrap your bottled refreshments in personalized labels. The personalized labels can add to your shower’s theme, show off your wedding colors, and most importantly, keep your events from looking like the inside of a vending machine! These labels are inexpensive and will certainly be noticed as guests will inevitably pick at the water bottles. Give anyone enough time and the picking starts—can’t count how many water bottles I’ve dismembered while telling an intense story!

Elegant labels can also be added to wine bottles at engagement parties and rehearsal dinners. Little details like this help make the evening all about the bride and groom!

Most importantly, if you have any bottled refreshments, remember to set up a separate bin to dispose of the bottles so that they can be recycled!

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