Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Dress: Something Borrowed?

Dress shopping these days can be a hassle. Parking lots are always full, cashier lines are as long as fitting room lines and sizes are flying off the racks before you can buy them as stores economize their inventory. At that rate, it's not hard to turn into one of these:


So, why is it that brides are willing to spend countless hours and practically half their wedding budget shopping for a dress?

Well to many of you, that’s a simple question, since every one of you are all just as guilty as the next girl for dedicating endless time and finances to finding the perfect dress that can truly only be worn once. Not that I won’t be guilty of this same obsession with my wedding dress, but it does raise a controversial question: can I ditch the shopping fiasco and wear a relative’s wedding gown? That sure would cut down on the time and money factor! Due to a few FAcTors, I already know that when the time comes I'll be among the throngs of brides-to-be in the stores, but for those of you with relatives with timeless taste, borrowing their dress or vintage accessories could be just what your wedding budget needs.

Just to clear the air, I would wear my mother’s dress if I could. My problem is that my mom weighed a mere 112 pounds at 5 foot 6 inches on her wedding day. Though I consider myself a fit young adult, I would probably have to lose my left arm to squeeze into her dainty dress.

Maybe you share this same issue or maybe your family's dresses should stay in the past, but I have found what I believe to be the perfect compromise. It is likely that between your mother, aunts, and sisters, someone wore an accessory you can show off to add as your “something borrowed.” For me, I believe I’ll be donning my mother’s veil, and maybe her pearls, as long as I can convince her to part with them for a day. If you manage to borrow one item – if you can’t fit or don’t want to fit in the dress – that is one less hour-long shopping appointment you will make, and one more hour you can freely spend with your husband-to-be, bridesmaids or any of your tastefully inclined family members.

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