Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't Forget To Sign In

How many times have we heard in our lives to make sure we register our presence at an event? Well, at a wedding, it is even more important that we remember to do so because every couple wants to be able to thank all those who attended their celebration once their honeymoon is over. Now, I know there are some of you who think signing a guestbook might be outdated or unnecessary since you will get to talk to the happy couple at the reception. That being said, writing a short note wishing the bride and groom health and bliss in their marriage is certainly a small sacrifice that will be eternally appreciated!

For all the future brides, let me recommend two options for your guests to commemorate their attendance at your ceremony and reception. First, you can choose a more traditional bound book with or without lines. This will give your guests the option of signing their names or writing you a more personal option. If you’ve been planning your wedding extensively, you will agree that giving your guests options is a must! However, if you want to try a more modern trend, have one of your wedding photos placed in this beautiful picture frame that can be engraved by any of your guests on the outer mat. This option will allow the final product to be displayed in your new home, and it will serve as a constant reminder of all who witnessed your big day.

No matter which option is chosen, it is crucial that the item is placed in a high traffic area so that the maximum number of guests will have an opportunity to sign. If you have a large guest list, it may be prudent to have multiple stations with the loose pages of a book that can be bound together after the ceremony. Whatever decision you make, realize that many guests will be having such a good time that they may forget to write you a message, so if this is really important to you, encourage one of your bridesmaids to announce the locations during the reception. Enjoy each personal message that your guests leave, and of course, don’t forget to show your gratitude for their presence in whatever thank-you notes you decide to send!

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