Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catering Presentation

Since food is a big part of your budget (some say venue and food together makes up 50% of your wedding budget), it is important to look at it from every angle. While taste is a big deciding factor, you also want to think about the presentation of the food. Here are a few different ways to present:

This is the most common because everyone can get what they want and pass on what they don’t want. It is also budget friendly. Your guests may go through once, twice, or not at all if they choose.

This can be difficult because it is only user-friendly for certain dishes. You may want to rethink this one if you are doing lasagna or something hard to serve. With additional wait staff, this can have the same formality of a plated dinner with the social aspect of a cocktail hour. It is very interactive since you are passing the plates of food around the table.

This option is the most formal, and usually the most costly. While it is nice for dinner, it is not necessarily appropriate at lunch. For tight spaces, this option works well because no additional tables are needed. It does require more servers because they are having to bus the tables all at once instead of periodically like buffets.

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