Friday, April 23, 2010

Roll up in Style

Transportation to the venue has become yet another way to express your wedding’s style. Although the limo is still a popular choice, many couples have been opting for vintage or classic cars, or even revved up sports cars. This is a wonderful trend for some of us Southern girls—no limo can make our eyes light up like an old Chevy Nova!

I am lucky enough to have a wonderfully creative granddad who restores old, beautiful cars—but you can always rent one too. There are multiple websites that allow brides and grooms to browse hundreds of cars for rent. There is sure to be a car for every wedding’s style, from vintage to sleek and elegant.

One thing to keep in mind before nixing the limo for a smaller car is space. These less-roomy options may not work for a wedding with a large bridal party, but can still be rented just for the bride and groom’s send off. Who wouldn’t love riding off into the sunset in a stunning 1950s Rolls Royce after the wedding!

Once you choose your dream car, the perfect way to make it special is by adding personalized decals that cling to the window. These are made from thin vinyl sheets and come in 31 different colors! Make the car yours by using the decals to spell out your names or initials. This also makes for a great photo opportunity!

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  1. I love the looks like a million bucks. Thanks for the great tip!