Friday, April 16, 2010

An Engagement Switch - Women Popping the Question

Recently, I re-watched the 2010 film “Leap Year,” and it made me wonder about engagements! If you haven’t seen the film, let me catch you up on a few facts. For starters, the female lead desperately wants her boyfriend to propose to her. He is away on business in Ireland, and she hears of an old Irish tale that says women can propose to their boyfriends on February 29th of a leap year. Of course, she decides she has waited long enough and believes she should take advantage of this since a relative of hers did so in the past. While I won’t spoil the rest of the movie, consider this, when she proposes, what does she offer the man in question?

While I’m sure not many of our female readers are considering proposing, this trend has picked up steam recently. From unheard of to not totally abnormal, a woman proposing merits some discussion. If you’re anything like me, you instantly will search “male engagement rings” upon this thought. I did do that search, and while it seems many men are uncomfortable at the thought of wearing an engagement ring, there do exist, and there are some impeccable cuts out there if your man so chooses. Assuming you don’t think he’s the type to go for the engagement ring, what else should you offer? You certainly can’t go into the proposal empty-handed or without a thought of something to give him after, can you?

When women are proposed to, they expect a ring to either to be promised to them or to be presented immediately. I’m assuming most men would be shocked if their girlfriend proposed, so do men have that same expectation? The truth is, the trend probably isn’t far enough along for us to know, but this raises another question. Even if you don’t propose to your beau, should you get him a gift of some sort after he proposes to you since he just asked for your hand with a stunning ring? I highly doubt this is expected, but it could provide an answer to what a woman should propose with if a ring is out of the question. My advice would be to look into an engraved money clip or cufflinks if you don’t want your fiancĂ© to feel left out of the allure of the engagement! This is a small token (or big if you are proposing) of your love, and it will make him feel like he is just as much of a part of the excitement as you are!

As a final note, ladies who have proposed, please feel welcomed to share your stories with us! Whether you proposed with or without a gift (or perhaps you gave him a gift after he proposed to you) your experiences are invaluable to our future decisions!

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