Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kiss That Seating Chart Good Bye!

When planning a reception that includes a meal, many decisions must of course be made. While food and drinks are crucial, couples often find they spend hours on the seating chart. Seating the wedding party and immediate family is usually not too difficult, but deciding the location of the rest of the guest list can be quite difficult and tedious! Even though the wedding reception should be about us, we try so very hard to make sure our guests feel welcomed and know someone at their table. As wonderful as it is for us to do this, we forget that our guests will be happy sitting anywhere as long as they can be there to support the newly married couple! And if your reception includes dancing or other activities, who is going to be sitting all that much anyways?

So what can we do to eliminate this stress and ensure our guests have a great time? There’s no better way to foster great conversation and a fun time at the table than having guests select a number for their party. This can be split into tables for couples and tables for guests without a date. For example, if a person does not have a date, he or she can draw from one bowl, which would include tables 5, 7, or 9. If the guests are a couple, they will draw one number from the bowl, which includes tables 6, 8, or 10! This way, tables do not have an uneven amount of guests at them.

As guests draw their numbers, they can then make their way to the table with a sign welcoming them. Though you might not want to leave this to random chance, guests will get to meet completely new people while also seeing old friends! If you are doing a buffet line for your meal, calling table numbers is usually the best way to keep the line down. With random table assignments, it won’t seem as if you are playing favorites with friends or as if some guests are more important than others! If the meal is being served or is family style, guests will have the pleasure of sharing stories of how they know you and your spouse while making new acquaintances.

If you’ve ever been to a luncheon or party where seating is random, you know how much fun this can be! If you have any qualms about this, you can always add a few conversation starters on paper to the table or include pictures of you and your spouse to prompt chatting among your guests. Whether you endorse this system completely or only for some guests, you will certainly spend less time than before on your seating decisions and your company is sure to have an even better time at your reception!

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  1. Sounds like a fun idea...unless all the guests don't play by the rules. Say a single person wants to sit by their married friends? Then you have another couple that gets split up. That would be sad.