Friday, March 19, 2010

This One's For The Girls

If any of you watched Khloe Kardashian Odom’s wedding, you may have noticed her bridesmaids wearing matching monogrammed jumpsuits. So cute! Getting your girls something monogrammed with their names will show that you took extra care to personalize the gifts and make them unique. Since childhood we’ve tended to love things with our names on them- it’s human nature! Many different items can be monogrammed, but some of the most popular and useful are totes, towel wraps and robes, all of which can be used on the actual wedding day while getting ready. Also, the wearable gifts can be ordered in the same color as the bridesmaids’ dresses to continue your wedding’s theme.

One issue that may arise when choosing gifts for your bridesmaids is whether or not you have a junior bridesmaid. Jumpsuits, towel wraps and robes may not be the best choice for a junior bridesmaid unless you are able to find child-size or smaller versions that match very closely. You don’t want your little one to feel alienated or left out– It’ll be more fun for her to feel like one of the big girls! In the situation that you can’t find close child-sized matches, using totes, towel hair wraps and engraved mirror compacts are perfect. These items always fit! Depending on the junior bridesmaid’s age, slippers may also work as they come as small as a size 5. But, if you are set on getting the adult bridesmaids items that wouldn’t work for the junior bridesmaid, getting her something unique such as a monogrammed pearl bracelet will make her feel included or even extra special.

Gifts don’t have to be limited to the wedding party. Hostesses that have thrown you amazing showers or engagement parties are also great candidates for a ‘thank you’ gift. Cute aprons, scarves or slippers are just some of the items that can show your appreciation. These gifts don’t have to break the budget but will certainly spark a smile!

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