Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Me, Only Better!

Aside from picking out a dress, your wedding look also depends on your hair and makeup. This issue always seems to spark a discussion about whether brides should “glam it up” for their big day or not.

For brides who don’t wear full-face makeup every day, the issue of whether or not you want to look like “yourself” comes up. Should you put on eyeliner for your wedding day if the last time you wore it you were fourteen and trying to scare your mom? Probably not. But remember, pictures, many many pictures, will be taken for your wedding and putting on a little extra blush/bronzer, mascara, and lip color will allow your features to stand out without making you feel like you’re playing dress-up. After all, you do want your groom to recognize you walking down the aisle!

The same goes for hair. If you have never worn your hair down except that time your pony-holder broke during class, then it may be too far a stretch to wear it down for your wedding day. If you hate your ears and feel like a less-cute version of Dumbo when your hair is up, then an up-do will only make you feel uncomfortable. Definitely glam up your hairstyle--this is not just another day at the office-- but don’t overdo it. You want to feel like yourself, only better!

Some brides do adore makeup and all its wondrous benefits and wear it every day. One way to feel special for your wedding if you already doll-up daily is by creating a fresh look. For example, instead of dark eyeshadow, you can try bright, glimmering shadow with dark liner and a smokey eye effect. This looks a little fresher and more natural both up close and far away, and shows up beautifully in pictures. Then again, if any of you are like my sister who has done her makeup the same way since high school, you may be better off sticking to what you know you like. The most important thing is that you feel pretty!

For glamour girls who change their hair often and want to doll-up their hairstyle, a current trend is soft, wavy curls. This is a great compromise for both straight and curly hair as it adds volume to fine hair and tames down curly hair.

Remember, whether you are just applying lip balm or getting false lashes put on, wearing a cute robe and slippers while getting ready makes any bride feel like a princess! This is your day to shine—so glam it up!

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